I was born on May 18, 1911 at Gridley, California, the eighth child of Heber Albert Huband and Hattie Margaret (Cheney) Huband and was named and blessed by George W. Tolley on Jun 21, 1911 at Gridley, California.  I was baptized on July 6, 1919 by Hyrum Judkins and confirmed July 6, 1919 by Lorenzo Ward at North Ogden, Utah.

            I had two brothers and five sisters.  One brother, Edwin, and three sisters, Lola, Nina and Montice passed away at an early age before I was born.  My brother’s and sister’s names, starting with the eldest, Lola, Nina, Blanche, Montice, Edwin, Lane, and Gene.

            I have no early recollection of living in California as my parents moved to North Ogden, Utah, when I was only a few months old.  At the age of six years I started to school in North Ogden where I had many happy years and memories.  My father was custodian of the school building and I helped with the cleaning every night after school.  I attended Weber High School in Ogden and was among the first students there in 1926.  As I recall, the building was not quite completed but we were able to begin our classes for the fall semester.

            I started taking saxophone lessons and played in the school band, also a dance orchestra.  I graduated in May of 1929 during the Depression when it was very difficult to find work.  I went to Lyman, Wyoming, where my Aunt Dell Cheney had a Bus Stop Café and worked there and also played in a dance orchestra.  After a few years, I got brave and boarded a bus for California in search of work, only to find many others had the same idea.  I enrolled in an art school and took courses in lettering, show card writing, life drawing and cartooning and landed a job at Montgomery Ward in Glendale, California, as a show card writer and window trimmer... worked there several years but had Union trouble and the store finally closed, leaving me unemployed.

            The war had already started in Europe and aircraft manufacturers were advertising for help.  I enrolled in an aircraft school when after a hundred hour you were promised a job.  Upon completion, I passed a test and got a job with Lockheed Aircraft in Burbank, California.  This was prior to Pearl Harbor attack in the summer of 1941.  I thought of this as only a wartime position but it lasted 30 years.

            I met a girl at a dance in Los Angeles, she said her name was Virginia Kimm.  On December 24, 1948, she changed her last name to Huband.  We were married in Manhattan Beach, California on Christmas Eve.  Later, in 1955 on September 13 we went to the Mesa Temple in Arizona and had our Endowments and were sealed to each other. 

            We first lived in an apartment in Hollywood.  Virginia was converted and baptized July 1, 1950.  We bought a home in West los Angeles and moved there in 1950.  We belonged to the La Cienega Ward where we had many wonderful friends.  I worked in the Young Men’s mutual as Secretary and later as First Counselor, also served as First Counselor in the Elder’s Quorum Presidency and then President.  When released I was then Superintendent of the Sunday School, after which I served on a Stake mission, then as General Secretary of the Senior Aaronic program in our ward.

            In the Spring of 1971, I retired at the age of 59 and we moved to Sun City, Arizona, a resort retirement community, where I have continued with my art work and have been doing a cartoon feature entitled “Fun Citizen” for the Sun Citizen weekly newspaper.

            We joined the Third Ward in Glendale, Arizona, which quickly became the Fourth ward, and now we are in a new chapel which is the Fifth Ward.  I was ordained a High Priest on the 29th of September 1974 by Sydney F. Mitchell.  Since being in this Ward, I have been a Home Teacher, also have served on work committee’s, and presently (November 1976) am serving as Meeting House Librarian, which is for two wards with the Associate and Assistant Librarians under my supervision.