One of the prosperous and progressive farmers and stockgrowers in the vicinity of Shelley Bingham county Idaho, the genial nature and straightforward business methods and the honest frankness of Mr. Huband have won him a large circle of friends in this section of the state. Although born in England on October 11, 1860, a son of William P. and Anna Jeffries Huband, his memory recalls but little connected with his native land as at the early age of nine years he accompanied his parents who having become believers in the Mormon faith sought the New World and the new land of Utah that they might be there unrestricted in the enjoyment of their religion. The family home was made as pioneers of Logan where the father engaged in labors as a carpenter and builder until on September 24, 1872, he was killed by a fall from a building in the process of construction. The widowed mother and family of seven children thereafter struggled with the circumstances surrounding them; she displaying a wonderful ability and physical endurance in the rearing and care of her children, manifesting rare qualities of mental and spiritual character and a wisdom beyond the ordinary. She is at present residing in Bingham County. Mr. Huband attained manhood in Utah and in 1885 in the early days of the development of this section of Idaho, he came to the new lands of Bingham county and there located upon a homestead and for five years he was busily engaged in securing proper irrigation through the building of a canal. Then having fully supplied his tract with water he engaged in farming and has been prospered in his undertakings now owning 117 acres of finely irrigated and productive soil located less than two miles southwest of Shelley which is his postoffice address. By his care and discriminating efforts, he propagated a fine young orchard and erected a convenient residence and suitable farm buildings. A Republican in political belief as he is also an elder in the Church of Latter Day Saints and served as home missionary for a time, Mr. Huband was married on November 6, 1890, at Logan, Utah with Miss Hattie Cheney a native of Bear Lake County, Idaho and a daughter of Joseph T. and Louisa Austin Cheney, natives respectively of New York and Connecticut. Of the five children of Mr. and Mrs. Huband only two are living; Blanche and Edward. Lola, Nina, and Montice have passed away from earth. Mr. Huband is decidedly one of the progressive men of Idaho and it is his good fortune to have here secured a valuable home that will never fail to be cumulative in value while he being an indefatigable worker in any cause which enlists his interest is now surrounded with all the conveniences for the successful prosecution of the business in which he has achieved such a suitable prosperity and in which he delights.