Springtime, I Thought

It's April and the grass is green,
The sun is out and birds are seen,
Signs that Spring is surely here,
And things seem good to eye and ear.

Trees are blooming everywhere,
There is humming in the air
And all the world seems fine and right
In its dress of pink and white.

Farmers plowing up the earth,
Planting, seeding, all they're worth,
Busy working for their bread
Knowing what the Good Bood said.

It's good to know that Spring has come,
That Winter's gone and bright's the sun.
No snow, no sleet, no hail or ice,
Just flowers and birds and grass -- how nice!

A dreamer dreams, and then awakes
With chills and fever as he quakes.
Last night it snowed again so white
My dream was spoiled -- it just ain't right!