Teen Age

We have a teen-age daughter
You know the kind I mean,
With big blue eyes and straw-like hair
The worst you've ever seen?

She goes to high school every day
For why I cannot see,
When her report card we receive
Her highest score is "D"

We think she's sorta boy struck
That's all she talks about,
But if we mention such a thing
You just should see her pout.

She thinks her Dad and Mom are old
Old-fashioned in their way,
And all they ever say to her
"Sure was different in our day."

But these kids they gow up fast
And sometimes way too soon,
The next thing they are married
And on their honeymoon.

So Mom and Dad lets try to be
A bit more like the teens,
And make believe we're kids again,
Life just ain't what it seems.