Wagon Train

Wagon Master calling loud
It's time to roll 'em out,
Start them wagons rolling boys
Those words you'd hear him shout.

Down the line with gee and haw
With whips a cracking fast,
Oxen tugging, straining, pulling,
As they start to move at last.

Out across the plains these wagons
Moving in the early light,
Many miles into the wasteland
They must travel ere it's night.

Down the long and rocky gullies
Over hills and mountains high,
Westward ho the Master calling
Never quit; it's do or die.

Pushing ever onward, Westward
Through the cold of ice and sleet,
Many perished by the wayside,
Many trudged with frozen feet.

Hostile Indians in the distance
Adding to the traveler's woe,
Circle wagons tighter, closer,
Be prepared to fight the foe.

When at last this journey ended
These brave souls the West would build,
Some would die ere it was conquered
Some in battle would be killed.

This is how the West was founded
By bold men and women strong,
Many volumes have been written
Both in story, verse, and song.

Sing their praises never ending
Heaven bless those pioneers,
For their courage, strength and wisdom,
Hardships suffered, blood and tears.