William Perry Huband was born 12 October 1826 at Arrow, Warwick, England, the son of Thomas Huband and Frances Strain. He married 17 June 1851 at Daventry, Northampton, England, Ann Jeffery. She was born 31 December 1827 at Watford, Northampton to William Jeffery and Mary Crock Perry. They joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) in 1847 in the Birmingham Branch of England. They came to the United States on the Ship "Colorado," which left Liverpool 28 July 1869.

After their arrival, they located in Logan, Utah, where William was a building contractor. While building a house for George Peacock, he fell and was killed on 22 September 1872, leaving his wife and 8 children with no home or income. Ann took in washing, sewed, and did everything she could to support her family. In 1875, she moved with her children to Bear Lake, where they resided for 10 years. In 1885, they moved to Shelly, Idaho, where they lived for 20 years enduring all the hardships of pioneers in a new country. She later lived with her daughter, Mrs. Frances Rogers in North Ogden, Utah, and died at this same daughter’s home on February 6, 1924, in Salt Lake City.

Children of William Perry and Ann Huband:

  1. Alfred Arthur, b. 23 July 1852 at Watford, Northampton, England. He died 15 February 1855.
  2. Bertha Ann, b. 30 July 1854 at Birmingham, Warwick, England. She married Corydon Henry Beavans. She died 8 July 1940.
  3. Clement Arrow, b. 10 March 1856 at Sunderland, Durham, England. He died 22 May 1860.
  4. Dan Alcester, b. 13 August 1858 at Sunderland, Durham, England. He died unmarried 9 April 1882.
  5. Heber Albert, b. 11 October 1860 at West Haddon, Northampton, England. He married 6 November 1889 to Hattie Margaret Cheney. He died 8 October 1954.
  6. Felix Alma, b. 18 July 1863 at Long Buckley, Northampton, England. He married Christine Jacobson. He died in 1936.
  7. Frances Mary, b. 12 October 1865 at Birmington, Warwick, England. She married 4 April 1888 to Alma Rogers. She died 1 December 1942.
  8. Rose Elizabeth, b. 3 November 1867, Birmington, Warwick, England. She married 11 October 1894, Harry Miller. She died 22 May 1961.
  9. William Jeffery, b. 15 February 1870 at Hyrum, Cache, Utah. He died unmarried 2 October 1953.
  10. Frank Perry, b. 15 October 1872 at Logan, Cache, Utah. He married 24 November 1898 Prudence Barns. He died 22 May 1960

    Links to photo of William Perry Huband grave-marker in Logan Cemetery
    Links to photo of William Perry Huband grave-marker in Logan Cemetery

    Below is a copy of William Perry Huband and Anne Jeffery's Marriage certificate courtesy of Liz Snow.